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Hitting the Ground Running

Chris and Josey discuss how to get back into the swing of projects after a long absence.

Published: Thu 5 Nov 20
Duration: 1:05:24

Angular Testing (Sorta!)

Shai Reznik joins Chris and Josey to chat about TDD in Angular. At least that was the intent! We do cover TDD, but do we get to TDD for Angular? Well....

Published: Mon 27 Jul 20
Duration: 1:03:10

Migration Mumbles Pt. 2

In part 1, we discussed code migrations. This time Chris and Josey discuss other types of migrations including ALM, Infrastructure, and more. Why do migrations happen? Who is impacted?

Published: Fri 6 Mar 20
Duration: 56:25

Bashing Bothersome Bugs & Chasing Chunks of Cash

Chris and Josey discuss bug bounty programs, actions to take if randomly stumbling upon a security vulnerability, reporting pros/cons, and a lot more. Is the answer really black and white, or is it all grey?

Published: Fri 28 Feb 20
Duration: 1:01:00

Milestone One

Documentation Not Included is now older, though perhaps not wiser. Chris and Josey discuss the past year and reveal secrets about the upcoming future!

Published: Fri 25 Oct 19
Duration: 1:07:30

Impersonating Developers

Gordon joins Chris again, this time as A Time To Change Champion, to look at impostor syndrome and more!

Published: Fri 18 Oct 19
Duration: 1:00:46

Proprietary Tools: Stagnation or Growth

Bjørn Reiten joins Chris and Josey to discuss working with prprietary tools. Can they stay on topic or will the desire to dig into PLC programming take over the show?

Published: Thu 26 Sep 19
Duration: 58:12

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