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Angular Testing (Sorta!)

Shai Reznik joins Chris and Josey to chat about TDD in Angular. At least that was the intent! We do cover TDD, but do we get to TDD for Angular? Well....

Published: Mon 27 Jul 20
Duration: 1:03:10

Enforced QA

Developers love QA right? ...right? Anthony Keenan joins Chris and Josey to look at what QA is, isn't, who should be doing it and who shouldn't. At no point do we have disagreements about this topic...what side do you fall on?

Published: Thu 16 May 19
Duration: 59:31

The Developer Interview Process, WTF?

Anthony Keenan joins us to discuss (rant about) the developer interview process.

Published: Thu 17 Jan 19
Duration: 1:13:29

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