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The Importance of Being Online

Andy Morrel is back! This time we're talking about how important being online is during this time. As a bonus, we talk about the wonderful event put on by the Live Coders team on Twitch as well!

Published: Fri 17 Apr 20
Duration: 1:04:45

Driving Development One Test at a Time

Phil Nash joins Chris and Josey to discuss test driven development. What is it? What is the difference between BDD and TDD? Are there other xDDs? What does Fractal have to do with it? Tune in to find out!

Published: Fri 7 Feb 20
Duration: 1:06:23

How I Learned To Stay Relevant and Love the Code

Andy Morrell joins Chris and Josey this week to discuss how to stay relevant as a developer. Is the answer learning by osmosis? Ancient blood rituals? Listen to find out!

Published: Fri 24 Jan 20
Duration: 1:05:52

(Tech) Debt Consolidation

Chris and Pat are joined by Mark Walsh, a start-up focussed lead developer to talk about tech debt and how to handle it.

Published: Thu 25 Apr 19
Duration: 1:03:17

Old School Development & Burnout

Anthony Keenan joins to turn back time and discuss old school programming, burnout, and trains.

Published: Thu 8 Nov 18
Duration: 1:01:13

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