Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time does the show start?

    19:00 GMT / BST every Thursday

  • How do I chat to you?

    During the show you can get involved in the live Twitch or Discord chat. Post an interesting comment or question and we may even read it out and / or discuss it on the show!

    When we're not streaming, at least one of us is likely to be active in Discord, so pop in and drop us a message.

  • Can you get <insert name> as a guest?

    Possibly! We've got fingers in all kinds of pies, and the one's we don't we've eaten - if you have an idea for a guest or a subject, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

  • How do I help?

    DNI is a passion project run by the Creators for the benefit of the wider development community. If you want to help out and have skills in community moderation or video / audio editing, contact us and we'll have a chat.