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The Forever Game

Chris and Josey discuss maintenance, upgrades, and more. It's the never ending life cycle of development in our world.

Published: Mon 11 Jan 21
Duration: 1:04:47

The Importance of Being Online

Andy Morrel is back! This time we're talking about how important being online is during this time. As a bonus, we talk about the wonderful event put on by the Live Coders team on Twitch as well!

Published: Fri 17 Apr 20
Duration: 1:04:45

Tech & The Peter Principle

Paul Aldred-Bann joins Chris to look into the Peter Principle in relation to tech. What is it? What impact does it have on the tech industry? Do contractors have to deal with it? And a lot more!

Published: Fri 10 Apr 20
Duration: 1:05:15

Artificial Intelligence: A Primer

Zain Daniyal joins Chris and Josey to help explain Artificial Intelligence. We know it's not about Skynet, so what exactly is happening in the field of AI? And just what are white boxes? Learn about that and more in this episode.

Published: Fri 3 Apr 20
Duration: 1:05:15

Staying Sane When Working Remotely

Many of us are working from home due to forced isolation. While this seems like an ideal solution to help with social distancing, there are real concerns for the safety and sanity of those who are not familiar with concept. In this episode, Chris is joined by Cameron, to look at options, concepts, and ideas on how to stay sane.

Published: Fri 20 Mar 20
Duration: 1:01:22

Dependency Hell

Phil Nash joins Chris and Josey again, this time to look at working with code dependencies in svn, git, and discuss various package managers. The trio depend on puns, dad jokes, and more to figure out once and for all how to handle dependency hell.

Published: Fri 13 Mar 20
Duration: 1:02:00

Driving Development One Test at a Time

Phil Nash joins Chris and Josey to discuss test driven development. What is it? What is the difference between BDD and TDD? Are there other xDDs? What does Fractal have to do with it? Tune in to find out!

Published: Fri 7 Feb 20
Duration: 1:06:23

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