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Docker Disaster

Chris and Josey use Docker for every day work, but is it all it can be or should be? What troubles have they run into and what suggestions do they have? Listen to find out!

Published: Mon 3 Aug 20
Duration: 1:04:07

Angular Testing (Sorta!)

Shai Reznik joins Chris and Josey to chat about TDD in Angular. At least that was the intent! We do cover TDD, but do we get to TDD for Angular? Well....

Published: Mon 27 Jul 20
Duration: 1:03:10

Preventing High Pressure Burnout

Parul Singh joins Chris and Josey to tackle how to handle burnout and personal mental health in high-stress jobs. What starts as a look at burnout turns into a discussion covering company expectations, the pandemic, self imposed goals, and a lot more.

Published: Mon 20 Jul 20
Duration: 1:04:21

git mv master main

GitHub's renaming the master branch to main. Chris and Josey discuss the choice, other potentially charged terms in the IT world, the history of the words, and explore options.

Published: Mon 13 Jul 20
Duration: 1:10:57

Scheduling the One Man Band

Anthony Keenan rejoins Chris to discuss how to schedule work as a one-man band, having made the jump into self-employment.

Published: Fri 26 Jun 20
Duration: 52:55

Artificial (Un)Intelligence

Zain Daniyal rejoins Chris to discuss the finer points of AI, specifically, what it's not that good at.

Published: Sat 25 Apr 20
Duration: 56:52

The Importance of Being Online

Andy Morrel is back! This time we're talking about how important being online is during this time. As a bonus, we talk about the wonderful event put on by the Live Coders team on Twitch as well!

Published: Fri 17 Apr 20
Duration: 1:04:45

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