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Ep 80 - Winging It or Singing It

Chris and Josey wing it and sing it about Map and Data Porn, Migrations, Plattie Jubes ... and a lot more!

Published: Mon 20 Jun 22
Duration: 52:47

Ep 79 - Industry Pricing, Case Law, Retirement

Chris and Josey discuss industry standards, law, case studies, retiring, game development, and Disco Elysium

Published: Mon 6 Jun 22
Duration: 1:06:53

Ep 78 - How do you define a hand?

Chris and Josey, along with an adorable puppy, natter about Eurovision, mannequins, argue about what animals have hands, and do their best to answer live viewer oddball questions.

Published: Mon 30 May 22
Duration: 1:05:21

Ep 77 - Code Reviews, Electrical Installations, Search Engines

Chris and Josey return to the show's roots to discuss developing search engines, discuss code reviews (and how to not do them), and electrical installations!

Published: Mon 16 May 22
Duration: 1:03:47

Ep 76 - Moving House

Chris and Josey discuss the challenges faced when buying and selling homes, but with a lot of absolutely crazy tangents.

Published: Mon 9 May 22
Duration: 57:00

Ep 75 - DIY & Nightmare Neighbours

Chris and Josey return for a more relaxed and laid back version of Documentation Not Included, this time with a discussion on DIY and dealing with neighbours.

Published: Mon 2 May 22
Duration: 58:37

Quality Counts

Chris is joined by Frank Ray to discuss quality in relation to software.

Published: Thu 25 Feb 21
Duration: 1:09:09

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