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Ep 84 - Debugging

Chris and Josey discuss debugging, troubleshooting, and try to help each other solve issues with code.

Published: Mon 8 Aug 22
Duration: 1:04:27

Ep 83 - Difficulty In Games

Chris and Josey discuss how game difficulty has evolved from allowing cheats, and mods, to making cheats to be cash shop additions.

Published: Mon 8 Aug 22
Duration: 1:07:29

Ep 82 - USA v Uteri

Chris and Josey discuss the controversial ruling that came from the US Supreme Court that over turned Roe v Wade.

Published: Mon 4 Jul 22
Duration: 1:16:09

Ep 81 - Gwince Grills

Chris and Josey end up in the hot seat as guest "host" grills them with deep questions.

Published: Tue 28 Jun 22
Duration: 1:15:46

Ep 80 - Winging It or Singing It

Chris and Josey wing it and sing it about Map and Data Porn, Migrations, Plattie Jubes ... and a lot more!

Published: Mon 20 Jun 22
Duration: 52:47

Ep 79 - Industry Pricing, Case Law, Retirement

Chris and Josey discuss industry standards, law, case studies, retiring, game development, and Disco Elysium

Published: Mon 6 Jun 22
Duration: 1:06:53

Ep 78 - How do you define a hand?

Chris and Josey, along with an adorable puppy, natter about Eurovision, mannequins, argue about what animals have hands, and do their best to answer live viewer oddball questions.

Published: Mon 30 May 22
Duration: 1:05:21

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