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In a special 2 hour episode, Chris and Josey are joined by Jamie from the donetcoreshow to discuss one of the biggest topics we've tried to avoid this year; IR35. What is it? Does it impact freelancers? Contractors? What happens when the gloves come off and the team has their say?

Published: Fri 13 Dec 19
Duration: 2:05:00

Contract Lense: Schedule 1

Chris and Josey add Schedule 1 to their contract podcast. What should you NOT include in your contracts? Vacations? Job Titles? Bananas? What is IR35? Did we really go there this episode? Listen in to find out!

Published: Fri 15 Nov 19
Duration: 57:58

Contract Lens

Our Freelance / Contractor series continues as we turn our eyes to contracts. Chris and Josey get down into the nitty gritty about what a contract is, what should be in it, and what should not.

Published: Fri 8 Nov 19
Duration: 56:07

%&$@$!! Contractors - They Took Our Jaaaaabs!

Chris is joined by one of our regular guests, Anthony Keenan, to discuss the employee's perspective on contractors, freelancers, and more. Can Chris keep the topic of IR35 out of the discussion? Listen in to find out!

Published: Thu 8 Aug 19
Duration: 58:43

Oi! Freelancer! You're Fired! Part Two

Chris and Josey continue their discussion about being fired as contractors/freelancers/company. This time, it's all about how to handle it and use it to better yourself, your company, and your relationships with your clients...and yes, we even mean the ones who fired you.

Published: Thu 11 Jul 19
Duration: 1:04:47

In the Black: Freelancer Financials

The team have a real accountant join them this week. Chris finds himself shocked about regulations. Josey explains the dangers of relying on word of mouth. And our guest, Simon Young proves that accountants do indeed have a sense of humor...and so much more!

Published: Thu 4 Jul 19
Duration: 1:06:10

Oi! Freelancer! You're Fired!

Josey and Chris both found themselves on the freelance/contractor chopping block this past month. With the experience still fresh in both their minds, they explore various reasons a company/freelancer/contractor can find themselves removed from a contract early and reveal just what they think about being fired. Listen to us roar!

Published: Thu 20 Jun 19
Duration: 59:21

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