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Bashing Bothersome Bugs & Chasing Chunks of Cash

Chris and Josey discuss bug bounty programs, actions to take if randomly stumbling upon a security vulnerability, reporting pros/cons, and a lot more. Is the answer really black and white, or is it all grey?

Published: Fri 28 Feb 20
Duration: 1:01:00

12 Configuration Blues

Chris is joined by Steve Collins to talk about the wonderful world of configuration files. What wonders do they hold? How many configuration files does it take to setup an application? How to handle secure connection information across environments? And is it really worth it?

Published: Fri 29 Nov 19
Duration: 1:01:23

Shifting Security

The team start talk about security in the IT world and development and discuss the impact they have on each other.

Published: Thu 10 Jan 19
Duration: 1:03:35


The Art of Team Leadership with Sam Strauss from RealVNC. First rule of Lead Dev... you're not herding cats. The second rule, ninjas beware.

Published: Thu 18 Oct 18
Duration: 1:06:51

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