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Ep 79 - Industry Pricing, Case Law, Retirement

Chris and Josey discuss industry standards, law, case studies, retiring, game development, and Disco Elysium

Published: Mon 6 Jun 22
Duration: 1:06:53

The Forever Game

Chris and Josey discuss maintenance, upgrades, and more. It's the never ending life cycle of development in our world.

Published: Mon 11 Jan 21
Duration: 1:04:47

More Scrum to Come

Chris and Josey continue their journey into the world of Agile and Scrum.

Published: Sun 29 Nov 20
Duration: 1:05:20

It takes Scrum to know Scrum

Chris and Josey talk about Scrum in an Agile way, whist Leaning on a fence under a Waterfall?

Published: Fri 13 Nov 20
Duration: 1:01:19

Striking a Balance

Chris is joined by Nick Piegari to talk about how to balance learning - what should you do when you want to learn all the things at the same time? How do we deal with 'tech overload'?

Published: Thu 29 Oct 20
Duration: 1:02:37

Exposing Yourself

Chris is joined by Nick Piegari from NicksMadScience to talk about how to get yourself out there and noticed as a developer in a saturated market.

Published: Sat 3 Oct 20
Duration: 1:05:57

Hello World

Chris is joined by Parul Singh to talk about what resources are out there to get into coding and development.

Published: Sat 3 Oct 20
Duration: 1:06:47

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