Documentation Not Included is a live-streamed development talk show and podcast where Josey, Chris and Patryk delve deep into all things development.

We're platform agnostic, covering topics such as web development, process work-flows, enterprise architecture, game development, visual effects, community management, virtual assistance and DevOps practices.

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Thursday 17 October 2019

18:00 GMT+0

Ohhhh... but what happens when the countdown reaches zero?

Meet The Creators

We LOVE development. We boast over 50 years of collective development industry experience, but we don't know everything - that's why we got together for this show - to learn from each other and bring the wider community up to date details on the latest development tech.

Patryk Kowalik
Patryk Kowalik

Patryk is the product of a rogue Polish AI and a libertarian Vincent van Gogh who couldn't decide between art and programming, so he did both! He's our go to 'graphics guy' and has worked across game development, AR, VR and CG programming. You'll love the way he pronounces his R's.

Josey Howarth
Josey Howarth

Whether wielding a keyboard or a whip, Josey knows how to get results, and has the right persona on tap to ensure success: Darth Securitas finds your lack of security disturbing; her Rogue Verbal Alchemist mixes unique social story combinations; and Love Sudo keeps those personas contained. She is proud of her ever growing rubber duck army.

Chris Sebok
Chris Sebok

Every development team needs a giant-dwarf, and Chris provides this service to us free of charge. He's been involved in web site and app development since the inception of the internet, and today manages his own software consultancy - covering everything from DevOps to Technical Architecture. He's also got a better beard than you.