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The Forever Game

Chris and Josey discuss maintenance, upgrades, and more. It's the never ending life cycle of development in our world.

Published: Mon 11 Jan 21
Duration: 1:04:47

More Scrum to Come

Chris and Josey continue their journey into the world of Agile and Scrum.

Published: Sun 29 Nov 20
Duration: 1:05:20

It takes Scrum to know Scrum

Chris and Josey talk about Scrum in an Agile way, whist Leaning on a fence under a Waterfall?

Published: Fri 13 Nov 20
Duration: 1:01:19

Striking a Balance

Chris is joined by Nick Piegari to talk about how to balance learning - what should you do when you want to learn all the things at the same time? How do we deal with 'tech overload'?

Published: Thu 29 Oct 20
Duration: 1:02:37

Exposing Yourself

Chris is joined by Nick Piegari from NicksMadScience to talk about how to get yourself out there and noticed as a developer in a saturated market.

Published: Sat 3 Oct 20
Duration: 1:05:57

Hello World

Chris is joined by Parul Singh to talk about what resources are out there to get into coding and development.

Published: Sat 3 Oct 20
Duration: 1:06:47

Artificial Intelligence: A Primer

Zain Daniyal joins Chris and Josey to help explain Artificial Intelligence. We know it's not about Skynet, so what exactly is happening in the field of AI? And just what are white boxes? Learn about that and more in this episode.

Published: Fri 3 Apr 20
Duration: 1:05:15

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