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Mental Health Workplace Support

Parul Singh, a mental health ambassador, joins Chris to talk about mental health in the workplace, it's impact on employees and employers, and how important it is to be aware of your own mental state.

Published: Mon 17 Aug 20
Duration: 1:08:39

Preventing High Pressure Burnout

Parul Singh joins Chris and Josey to tackle how to handle burnout and personal mental health in high-stress jobs. What starts as a look at burnout turns into a discussion covering company expectations, the pandemic, self imposed goals, and a lot more.

Published: Mon 20 Jul 20
Duration: 1:04:21

Impersonating Developers

Gordon joins Chris again, this time as A Time To Change Champion, to look at impostor syndrome and more!

Published: Fri 18 Oct 19
Duration: 1:00:46

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