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Scheduling the One Man Band

Anthony Keenan rejoins Chris to discuss how to schedule work as a one-man band, having made the jump into self-employment.

Published: Fri 26 Jun 20
Duration: 52:55

There's No Accounting for COVID

Simon Young joins Chris and Josey again, this time to look at what impact CoronaVirus is having on taxes, accounting, and end of year accounts for business here in the UK. How has SSP changed? What is CBLIS? A very full episode of helpful information for everyone running a business; small, large, and even the self employed here in the UK.

Published: Fri 27 Mar 20
Duration: 1:04:38


In a special 2 hour episode, Chris and Josey are joined by Jamie from the donetcoreshow to discuss one of the biggest topics we've tried to avoid this year; IR35. What is it? Does it impact freelancers? Contractors? What happens when the gloves come off and the team has their say?

Published: Fri 13 Dec 19
Duration: 2:05:00

Startups - The Reality Gap

Joe Atkinson and Gordon Johnston from Lineup Ninja join Josey and Chris to talk about the reality gap that startups run into when launching.

Published: Fri 6 Dec 19
Duration: 59:45

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